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Lets Get Custom With Your Stationary

Caroline Fisher

Are you tired of seeing the “stock” designed business cards that are floating around out there - and you know exactly what I mean? There are some great stock designs available thru ordering your business cards online and they look good but here is the reality: EVERYONE is using them! You will see the same stock design on business cards from a plumbing company to a dog grooming company. Now these two companies have nothing in common except for their business cards look exactly the same.

Clients tend to remember these details in the back of their minds and then may start to think you are not as original as I thought you were. You cheap out on a stock design cards to save a dollar, where else are you going cheap out in your services to me? 

Spending the extra on a custom designed logo will not only make you look better it will make you standout against your competitors. 

Your image and branding is what catches people’s eyes; your consistent branding shows professionalism and gives the consumer confidence that your company is a leader in your industry. Spending the extra on a custom designed logo will not only make you look better it will make you standout against your competitors. 

Where do you start? 

1) Hire a graphic designer that will work with you and will create a logo that represents your company. A good designer will take the time to find out what you like, what your company is all about and will ask questions to get to know you as a person and will design a brand that you will be satisfied with. A brand that is personalized to exactly what you have always envisioned.

2) Creating Brand Standards. You have a logo now; we need to start creating a brand style sheet that is a guideline on how your company is always represented in the same colors and design. 

3) Website. With your new logo and brand we want to design a website that is designed around your brand and sends a clear consistent message to your consumer. If you already have an existing website, then we want to update the design to reflect your new branded logo. It is also a great opportunity to get your existing customers aware of the new look and design but with the same great service - It can get your company in front of your customer’s line of vision. 

4) Brand Your Social Media. Now we can take your logo, branding style sheet and apply it to your business social media channels. We want to make sure that your social media reflects the consistent image that we have created for your business. This also includes that all your posts should have a similar look, layout and feel. With Social Media, you always want to be posting constantly on a regular basis. Each Social media platform requires different ways of communicating. If this task seems overwhelming then you can hire a Social Media Manager. 

5) Stationary and Marketing Materials. This is where we can design your business cards, flyers, annual reports, posters and any marketing material that you may need. The Limon Tree Design Studio offers all these services from design, layout to have your items all printed for you. You do not have to figure out how order online with your new design - we take care of this for you. We offer competitive prices that match other online services. 

6) E-mail and Newsletter Marketing. E-mail marketing is a great way to always keep your customers informed on all the latest that you have to offer. Your newsletters and layouts should also have the consistent branding that you have created. 

This is just not about stock designed stationary, this is all about bring your company to the next level and letting your customers know that you are a leader your industry. It is also a great opportunity to gain new customers that may have never notice you until they started noticing your brand consistently from social media to your website. 

All six points listed above is the services that The Limon Tree Design Studio offers. This is a great time to get branded!!! Contact us to get a quote and discuss what you need to bring your brand to the next level.